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of this city is in the energy it needs to function but it produces toxic waste. the city has to have the carrying capacity to deal with those byproducts where you see pollution. this is a common procedure in ecology to look deadbeat urban environment to run the material flow analysis of it has the capacity to do with the flow if it is experiencing. i have a number of case studies from jamaica to other places to do and on material flow analysis. instead of carbon or water but many, drugs, information system, weapons, how they fall in what toxic byproducts, usually violence is generated and what is the way this city can use to cope with the flow. if you look at the problem the military does not figure in the answer there is no solution to the problem of rapid unplayed and urbanization to sew skins 3 billion new people in the next generation across the entire planet. to put an army division into one of those and it would disappear nobody would even know. cities that have 25 billion people come with the entire west coast of india and giant cities not in the military sense. then they do g
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1